3 Types of Water Products That You Might Not Know You Can Get Delivered

Many people use water delivery services to get large jugs of spring water delivered to their homes or offices. Perhaps you're not fond of the taste of your tap water, or maybe you find that it's more appealing to drink from a water cooler. Whatever the reason, your local water delivery service can drop off these large jugs around a schedule that suits you. What you might not know is that water delivery companies can provide you with several other types of water products. Here are three water products that are often available, and that may appeal to you.

Cases of Bottled Water

While you might automatically associate water delivery services with providing large jugs, you might be interested to know that many of these services can also deliver cases of bottled water to customers. These cases are likely the same as those you might currently buy at your grocery store. Instead of buying a few cases at the store, you could buy even more in bulk and have it delivered to your home and need water refills less often. Many families buy these cases weekly because of the given convenience of taking a bottle out when you walk the dog or sending your child to school with a bottle in his or her lunchbox.

Sparkling Water

Sparkling water has a number of effective uses for your family, including mixing it with fruit juice or alcoholic beverages to make a tasty concoction. Or, if you're watching your weight, you might enjoy drinking sparkling water with a few squirts of zero-calorie flavor enhancer. You may not know that many water delivery services can also deliver bottles or cases of sparkling water to you. This can be ideal whether you're hosting a large gathering at your home and expect to go through a lot of sparkling water, or if your family just consumes a few bottles of this product every week.

Flavored Water

It can often be possible to get your local water delivery service to drop off cases of flavored water to your home, either around a specific schedule or on a one-off basis. Flavored water is something that many families enjoy drinking, given that it often has no calories if it's sweetened with products other than sugar, and it also doesn't contain the artificial colors that are present in some soft drinks. You can check with your bulk water delivery service to find flavors of flavored water that appeal to your family, and then choose a delivery schedule that works for you.