Are You a Big Fan of Pretzels? Make Them a Part of Your Wedding Menu

There are many different directions that you can take when you're planning your wedding menu, but one fun option is to make a list of the foods that you enjoy. Share this list with your caterer, and he or she can present you with some options for including your favorite foods on your special day. Don't worry about how low-key some of your favorite foods may be — in many cases, catering service can jazz things up and make these items a little more formal for your wedding. If you're a fan of pretzels, it can be fun and unique to include them on your wedding menu in these ways.

Soft With Some Dips

You might enjoy buying bagged pretzels from your local supermarket and snacking on them, but there's nothing better than a fresh, hot, doughy pretzel. Your catering service may be able to make these — or order them from a local bakery — to serve to your guests. Of course, the caterer will make things more special by offering a variety of dips that people can use. Cheese dip and spicy mustard dip are especially popular with soft pretzels, and your caterer will come up with a creative way to serve these items together. Your caterer can also provide a heating unit that will keep the pretzels warm throughout your reception, rather than having them sit at room temperature.

Used As Breading

Your catering service might also recommend transforming the look of the pretzel by turning it into a breading for meat. Ground pretzels can make chicken extra crispy, for example. Your caterer will grind a large number of hard pretzels into a coarse powder, perhaps add some dry spices, and then coat strips of chicken with this mixture before frying them. A similar preparation method can also work well on salmon, pork, and other proteins.

For Dessert

While cake is a traditional wedding dessert, many couples look to provide other dessert options for their guests. Pretzels are a savory snack, but a slight tweak to their recipe can make them suitable for a fun dessert. For example, your caterer will add more sugar and perhaps less salt to give the dough a sweet taste and then cover the dessert pretzels with such ingredients as icing, chocolate, sprinkles, and more. If you anticipate having a large number of children at your wedding, you might even think about offering a decorate-your-own dessert pretzel station for the kids.

To learn more ways you can include pretzels at your wedding, talk to a catering professional near you.