Tips for Choosing Signature Cocktails for Your Wedding Reception

While it's important to devote ample time to working with your caterer to choose the foods that you'll have available to your guests at your wedding reception, you may also wish to think about choosing some signature cocktails. Many of your guests who consume alcohol may opt for wine or beer, but having some signature cocktails on the menu will likely be appealing for lots of those who are in attendance. Spend some time mulling cocktail options with your significant other, and then get together with a catering service to discuss adding these cocktails to the menu. Here are some tips for choosing signature cocktails.

Choose Your Favorites

One of the simplest ways to approach choosing some signature cocktails for your wedding reception is to think about which cocktails are your favorites. If you and your spouse have a cocktail that you love, they can be worthwhile additions to the drinks menu. This is especially true if you like a certain drink with a specific variation—this will make the cocktail truly seem more like a "signature" cocktail, instead of merely a conventional one.

Think About Local Specialties

It's also a good idea to think about local specialties when you're choosing some signature cocktails for your wedding reception menu. Give some thought to the foods and drinks that your local area is known for producing, and then evaluate how to include them in the menu. For example, if you live in an area that has many apple and pear orchards, flavored martinis with fresh slices of the local fruits can make for some appetizing signature cocktails. These may especially be exciting for people who are attending your wedding from out of state, as they'll be excited to sample the local fare.

Evaluate Which Drinks Have Stories

You'll also want to think about what drinks may have been involved in the story of you and your significant other. For example, if you and your significant other went out for drinks after you got engaged, think back to what you drank in celebration. If you both chose cocktails, you can think about adding these drinks to your reception menu. It's ideal if you can also work with the caterer to produce a menu that provides short anecdotes about each of the signature cocktails. Doing so can provide some context for why you're adding each drink to the menu—something that your guests will likely find appealing.