Outsourcing Corporate Events To Professional Caterers

Most employees look forward to end-year parties where they get a treat from their employers. It serves as a celebratory and team-building event, with the potential of boosting employees' motivation and job commitment. Thus, companies aim to organize memorable corporate events to usher in either the next calendar or financial year. Planning an end-year corporate event requires a lot of planning, which may be a hassle because the human resource department is still required to fulfill its functions. As such, companies should consider outsourcing event planning to agencies offering full-service catering. The agencies undertake all planning functions and work within the provided budget to meet their clients' expectations. Organizations should hire companies offering full-service catering for the following reasons:

Dealing with One Firm Eases Coordination

Planning an end-year corporate event may be strenuous considering the number of involved stakeholders. Different catering agencies would be required to coordinate to meet their clients' expectations. However, differences in the caterers' operations and customer services may cause friction, resulting in an underwhelming party. Companies planning corporate events may avoid such calamities by hiring agencies offering full-service catering packages. Working with such an agency eases coordination because it involves two parties. For example, companies may have to schedule only one meeting with the full-service catering agency to communicate their requirements and expectations, which is convenient.

Full-Service Caterers Offer Cost Benefits

It will likely be cheaper to deal with one full-service catering company than multiple firms offering only a few services. Differences in expenses when dealing with either option arise mainly from overlapping expenses that influence the final cost. For example, a full-service catering agency may incur low costs because they can transport their meals and beverages using the same van. On the other hand, hiring separate caterers for meals and beverages means each party incurs transport costs, likely influencing their quotations. Thus, companies planning end-year events should hire full-service catering firms for the anticipated cost benefits.

Tertiary Services at No Extra Costs

Another benefit of hiring full-service catering agencies is the accompanying services that are often uncharged. For example, companies offering full-service catering are expected to maintain the venue presentable during the event. As such, the team is usually on standby to clear messes arising from food and drink spills. Moreover, they clear the venue at the end of the event because they own the catering equipment. As such, organizations may relieve their in-house cleaners of their duties during the event, allowing them to attend the party. Overall, companies planning corporate parties should hire full-service catering agencies for hassle-free events.