Streamlining Meal Service At Your Diner: Helpful Tools To Consider

Serving all your customers quickly is essential for a diner, but you don't want to cut corners by purchasing pre-made products, such as hamburger patties. Instead of doing all the prep by hand, consider investing in some essential equipment to take the hassle out of food prep in your busy diner. Here are just some of the many tools you can choose to make life for your kitchen staff easier. 

Hamburger Molding Press

Hamburger molding presses create perfectly shaped and sized patties, so you only need to worry about mixing the ingredients and grilling each burger to perfection. There are many models to choose from, including manual and automatic presses. Some feature adjustable size options, while others are designed specifically for pub burgers, sliders, or traditional patties. You can use your hamburger molding press to prep other tasty creations, including veggie burgers, turkey burgers, and even sausage patties. Remember that manual models may take a lot of muscle power, so a diner doing brisk business each day may benefit from an automated burger press instead. 

Sausage Linkers And Stuffers

Offering house-made specialty sausages can help set your restaurant apart from the competition, but stuffing and linking can be time-consuming tasks. Manual and automatic sausage linkers let you select the right length for everything from hot dogs to smoked sausage, creating a versatile addition to your diner's kitchen. Look for a model that accepts a range of sizes to accommodate all of your menu offerings. A sausage stuffer makes a great companion for the linker, as it lets you easily fill casings with your house blend of meats and seasonings. In some cases, you can find a stuffer that also works as a linker, doing double-duty in your diner. 

Industrial Chopper/Food Processor

An industrial chopper/food processor is a workhorse for your diner's kitchen staff. Powerful knives make it easy to cut through meats, providing a smart way to prep pork and beef for burgers and sausages, and the versatile design works to chop through veggies for quick and tasty chopped salads or thick and chunky salsas. These food bowl choppers typically boast automatic operation, so there's no need to tire your hands with cutting and slicing during meal prep. Look for a model with stainless steel blades to ensure long-lasting use. Removable components make cleaning easy, and a compact footprint will take up minimal space on your counters. Be sure to look at the power output of the motor on any chopper you purchase to ensure it can keep up with the demands of your restaurant.