What Is Appropriate Behavior in Your Local Coffee Shop?

Have you ever given much thought about your behavior in a coffee shop? The coffee shops of today offer so many wonderful amenities that you could easily spend the entire afternoon sipping delicious brews while surfing the web, doing work or talking with friends. So, what is the appropriate etiquette to follow in a coffee shop? Here, you'll find a few tips to help you behave respectfully and know what to expect of others while you're enjoying your time with your favorite cup of java.

How To Plan The Perfect Party For Your Senior Parent Who Lives At An Assisted Living Facility

Are you planning a birthday event for your parent who lives in an assisted living facility? Lucky for you, whether your parent will be away for the day, or whether special party food will be needed, the staff will probably be very happy to help you carry out whatever plans you want to make.  Away From The Facility - Even before the birthday arrives, work closely with the staff at the assisted living facility.

Four Things To Consider When Choosing The Perfect Reception Hall For Your Wedding Reception

Planning a wedding reception requires you to find a great place to hold the big event. It can be hard to know how to choose the right reception hall if you have never planned a large event before in the past. Use the guide that follows to learn what factors to look for when choosing the perfect venue for your reception. Consider the Distance from the Wedding Venue If you plan to have the wedding at a different venue than the reception, you need to consider how far the two venues are from one another before agreeing to use either one for your wedding or reception.